To have a society free of Child Abuse – Child Abuse NO More


We are here for all children – preventing and minimising the devastating affects of abuse, on children and their families, by providing specialised care, protection, support and help to all who need it.


To provide efficient and professional services that effectively promote their healing and stop any further abuse. This minimises any secondary harm to children and their families upon their entering the child protection system.


Implement a holistic child protection service, including kids court support, victim empowerment, counselling, forensic assessments and a support programme for abuse-reactive children.

Medical examinations.

Psychological assessments and training.

Provide services, treatment and support to victims and families affected by child abuse.

Assist child protection network, including justice, health, social services, education and SAPS.

Prevent further victimisation of children and stop the cycle of abuse.

Offer training and conduct research in the field of child abuse.