Limpopo Family in Outrage Over Teen’s (16) Pregnancy

A respected Limpopo businessman has allegedly been arrested for the rape of a 16 year old girl who recently surprised her family by giving birth to a “White” child . The young girl went looking for a job in the man’s local business at the age of 14 years, but unfortunately ended up in a sexual relationship with the old man until she was 16 years old. the family was unaware of the incident up until they went to fetch her in hospital, with the surprise of their life. The 61 year-old accused appeared in the Magistrates Court on Tuesday on charges of statutory rape.- Sowetan, Monday 02 June 2014

From the perspective of TTBC’s Clinical Director, Dr Shaheda Omar “It is sad that young girls continue to remain victims of transactional sex as has been demonstrated in this case. It is very clear that the age of consent is 16 years – so it is evident that a 14 year old cannot give consent. It is therefore an expectation of civil society organizations like the Teddy bear Clinic to expect zero tolerance to this kind of behavior. The adult manipulated his position of power to exploit this child who may have been very vulnerable and needy. We would like Justice to enforce a harsh sentence to deter future potential offenders from exploiting and violating children”.

So citizens of South Africa, share your thoughts with us regarding this matter.