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The Teddy Bear Foundation working together with SANZAF to address hunger and starvation of children.


In response to the pillar 4 of the National Strategic Plan.

This video illustrates the importance of appropriate responding, minimizing secondary trauma of a victim.


Diversion Programme -16 Days of Activism 2020

Engaging with our diversion boys through music therapy in our fight against child abuse.Have a look at their video.


Research Day 2020 Video

Fascinating insights on child protection from studies we have conducted over the past year.

Share your thoughts and questions with us.


Research Day 2020

For registration please click on the link below.


The Teddy Bear Foundation striving to protect children through prevention and intervention programs.

The Teddy Bear Foundation SAFE Presentations

The Teddy Bear Foundation strive to protect children, combatting child abuse through prevention and intervention programs.

The SAFE program is part of the intervention process, empowering learners with knowledge and skills, to identify, prevent and report child abuse

The following presentations are available to be presented to grade 7 – 12 learners, as requested. The presentations can be done at school, as well as in the form of virtual presentations, taking in consideration the current COVID pandemic. Each presentation are facilitated within a forty five minute timeframe, in small class groups. It is proposed that each grade be divided into two groups and presented separately.

Grade 7 Safe Presentation

The grade 7 prese...


Woman Leadership conversations with Dr Shaheda Omar

Shaheda Omar on a daily mission to help children.

Dr Shaheda Omar talking injustice of child hunger with Eusebius McKaiser on 702.


Children need play as much as they need fresh air.

Play Today – The Urgent Phasing in of Essential
Outdoor Social Play for South Africa’s Children
“The true character of society is revealed in how it treats its children.”

  • Nelson Mandela
    “A child’s best interests are of paramount importance in every matter
    concerning the child.”
  • Children’s Act 38 of 2005, section 9
    “Children need play as much as they need fresh air, clean water, and
    nutritious food. This plan looks like an excellent way to allow play while
    minimizing the risk of exposure to Covid-19.”
  • Dr Peter Gray, USA, an author on the impact of play deprivation on children’s mental health,
    commenting on the draft guidelines offered in this document. An example of his work can be
    viewed here