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Message from the director

Stop late payments of social grant.

ABC Model Covid-19

            THE ABCDE MODEL

How to manage stress and anxiety about corona virus

Normalize feelings of stress and anxiety   We should discuss with patients that all of us can expect to feel some stress and concern about the corona virus situation and the uncertainty surrounding it. Accept that there is STIGMA with those who contract it. Always “normalise” this and encourage accepting it rather than trying to deny it. The situation is definitely stressful for all of us and we should acknowledge this with our patients.   Encourage patients to maintain their daily routine as much as possible   This is a standard recommendation for stressful times and applies to the corona virus situation as well...

How to get masks.

Call us on 011 484 4554 to get masks for children.


Teddy Bear Foundation open during Covid-19 lockdown

The Teddy Bear Foundation continues to render services to child abuse victims and their families. In order to minimize the risk of transmission of Covid-19 the group sessions for court preparation will now be done telephonically or online. This will require one on one support with both child and parent.
The tele-counselling will continue but emergencies will be seen at the clinic. Emergency forensic assessments will be conducted online where possible or else with social distancing and protective gear.
The medical clinic will remain open to emergencies.
The Teddy Bear Foundation will continue to reach out to victims of child abuse during this lockdown.


Mask making project

The Teddy Bear Foundation embarks on a mask making project for children from disadvantaged areas to protect them from Covid-19. The Foundation has secured some sponsorship for the masks. If you would like to support please contact us on 011 484 4554 or


What informal residents can do to avoid Covid-19


The onset of the Coronavirus affects all sectors of society and this includes our children who are the most vulnerable group. The Teddy Bear Foundation will provide awareness programs via media engagement, community and national radio and television stations.

Signs of abuse

Possible signs of Child Abuse ( use as a Guide only)

1. Children suddenly have more money and gifts.
2. Family member or other people want to take out only that child all the time.
3. Your child takes longer than usual to get home from school.