Signs of abuse

Possible signs of Child Abuse ( use as a Guide only)

1. Children suddenly have more money and gifts.
2. Family member or other people want to take out only that child all the time.
3. Your child takes longer than usual to get home from school.
4. Your child refuses to go to school/ visit people they used to before.
5. The child makes strange comments about a certain person.
6. Personality of the child suddenly changes and he or she clings to you.
7. Lack of appetite or sudden increased appetite.
8. Child suddenly wants to be isolated and seem withdrawn.
9. Bed wetting, nightmares or can’t sleep at night.
10.child has a lot of sexual knowledge for his or her age.
11. Depression, withdrawal, suicide attempts.
12. Medical problems such as chronic itching, pain in the genitals, venereal diseases.

NB: although these signs do not necessarily indicate that your child has been sexually abused, they could help you to identify that something is wrong…


Childline – 0800 055 555 (24 hours)
SAPS – 10111 (24 hours)
Teddy Bear Clinic – 011 484 4554 ( Office hours only)